Secrets for comfortable hotel accommodation

Secrets for comfortable hotel accommodation
Secrets for comfortable hotel accommodation

Going on holiday or a business trip, we dream of the most comfortable accommodation for a low price. But hotels can offer unpleasant surprises in the form of a meagre breakfast, staying locked in a room or overpriced extras. How can you avoid this and get the most out of your hotel for your money? It's worth knowing a few little tricks that aren't usually written about on the internet.

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How to book a hotel profitably

- Before you book a room at a hotel you like, compare room rates on different booking websites. There are special applications to find the best price. Often booking systems offer lower room rates than those published on the hotel website. - Once you have found a bargain, call the hotel and say you want a room at a certain price you see on that website. You may be able to get the best deal and reserve a room at that price. It's also beneficial to the hotel if guests book rooms directly rather than through the reservation systems that charge the hotel a 10 to 20% commission.- If you have been to this hotel before, mention it. Hotels are very appreciative of guests who return to them again. Regular guests are often given discount cards and offered extra bonuses.- What many people don't know is that most hotels allow you to book half a night as well as half a 12-hour stay. The price is half as much. Booking websites do not offer this option, so contact the hotel directly.

Extra services

- If it is your birthday or your honeymoon, remember to mention it. Hotels usually try to congratulate the birthday and honeymooners by decorating their rooms and giving a small gift or service free of charge.- Find out what entertainment is available at the hotel. Use the pool, sauna, gym, children's playroom and other facilities in the morning. There are usually few visitors in the morning and the price is lower than in the evening.- Some services are completely free. You can ask for a wake-up call in the morning, order a taxi or book a table in a restaurant. The porter can give you information about the city and tips for excursions.- Often hotels provide items such as heaters, fans, kettles, irons, foggers, phone chargers, sewing sets, umbrellas and more for free. But if you're staying at an inexpensive off-grid hotel, you're unlikely to get a hair curler or a blender. So it's best to find out in advance what you can and can't bring.- If you need an extra blanket, pillow or towel, don't hesitate to ask for them. There are plenty of these in the hotel.- Not all hotels allow pets. But sometimes the following practice is allowed: the guest leaves a cash deposit upon check-in in case of damage to property by the animal. When checking out the room maid looks around, if the pet has not scratched or chewed anything, the deposit is returned to the owner.

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