Surprising and unusual hotels for holidays

Surprising and unusual hotels for holidays
Surprising and unusual hotels for holidays

People love traveling these days and many can't imagine themselves without it. But sometimes ordinary travel gets boring and you want something to mix it up. You can do this with amazing and unusual hotels, such as loch ness highland resort. Where to stay if you want something unusual and extravagant? We've gathered non-trivial hotels from around the world, from the northern latitudes to Vietnam and Palestine.

cave hotel and golf resort
cave hotel and golf resort

The Walled Off Hotel

Bethlehem, PalestineIn spring 2017, street artist Banksy opened a hotel on the Israeli-Palestinian border. The building is nestled against a wall that separates the two conflicting sides. Even supporters of exotic holidays have dubbed the hotel the accommodation with the worst view in the world - most of the windows rest against the concrete blocks of the wall, which is only a few metres from the building. There are only ten rooms, which get hardly any sunlight. One of the floors houses a museum of Banksy and Palestinian artists' work. It is not a place made for relaxation or holidays, the Banksy Hotel is primarily a political statement, but many visitors still perceive the hotel as an art object.

Faralda Crane Hotel

Amsterdam, NetherlandsThis (five-star!) hotel is located inside a crane on the grounds of an abandoned pier. The crane has only three luxury rooms: the suites are 35, 40 and 45 metres high respectively, so it can be difficult to book the right dates. Each room is uniquely decorated and offers panoramic views of Amsterdam. Faralda is an excellent example not only of unconventional hotel design, but also of the successful revitalisation of industrial areas of the city. By the way, there is a lot to do in the former port, from coastal restaurants to a graffiti museum.


Saariselkä, FinlandThis resort complex is located in Finnish Lapland, 250 km from the Arctic Circle. Its panoramic view of the starry sky and aurora borealis has made it famous the world over, and its signature igloos with translucent ceilings are a sight to behold. Despite the apparent lightness of the buildings, the igloos are always kept at a comfortable temperature and each lodge is equipped with a bathroom, a double bed and other basic necessities.


Harads, SwedenHotel rooms near the Swedish town of Harads are set deep in the forest. Each room is an individual building with its own design and architecture. Travellers can stay in a mirrored cube suspended a few metres above the ground, or relax in UFO suites or bird's nest apartments. Rooms are small and showers are in a separate building, but every window overlooks the unspoilt northern wilderness. On request, the owners arrange hikes or boat trips and introduce guests to traditional Swedish cuisine.

Hang Nga Guesthouse

Dalat, VietnamDue to the original design of the building and the uniqueness of each room Hang Nga has gained a reputation as one of the most surrealistic hotels in the world, the other name of the hotel is Crazy House. The hotel's chief architect, Dang Viet Nga was inspired by the works of Anton Gaudi and the project is the result of a transposition of Spanish Art Nouveau into Vietnamese tradition. The impression is that the Vietnamese architect did not leave any straight corners: all the lines of the windows, walls and stairs are intertwined, creating a whimsical texture reminiscent of weathered rock or dry wood. Decorative animals, mushrooms and plants are also woven into the interior design.

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Surprising and unusual hotels for holidays
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